Pietro Lombardi: wistful confession! With Sarah he already had three children


Pietro Lombardi
“If Sarah and I were still together, we would already have three children”

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Pietro Lombardi is one of the sensitive types. The singer wears his heart on his tongue. In an interview with Amira Pocher, he now admits how difficult it is currently to find the right woman. How his life with Sarah Engels would have been without the breakup still seems to preoccupy him.

It is not easy for Pietro Lombardi, 29, to find the woman for life. After separating from his ex-wife Sarah Engels, 29, in 2016, the 2011 DSDS winner held back with public affairs. It wasn’t until four years later that he officially presented a new woman at his side for the first time. The influencer Laura Maria Rypa, 25, had captured his heart – but after only a few months the fire was extinguished again. “That can work […] but in my case that was the biggest mistake I made “, the musician reveals to Amira Pocher, 29, with whom he confidently chats in the current edition of his podcast” Pietro & Friends “.

Pietro Lombardi: “It was just wrong”

The 29-year-old has learned a lot from his “mistake”. “I have given fame to so many women and I no longer see that,” he explains his dilemma as a public figure. “Maybe they liked me, but 50 percent was also: ‘Wow, I can really get known there.'” Today he apparently regrets his hasty love-outing. “It was just wrong. As soon as a woman has that – attention, I know – she either stays normal or she turns the wheel completely.”

“I think she always wanted a lot of children”

With Sarah, however, everything was different. “The only woman who didn’t get a fame from me is Sarah because I grew up with her.” The former couple got to know and love each other during their time together at DSDS. Their two greatest happiness emerged from the romance, son Alessio, 6. Little Lombardi is the link between the divorced parents – and will soon be a big brother. Mama Sarah found her happiness with soccer player Julian Engels, 28. She married him in May 2021 and she is expecting her second child from him.

“I think she always wanted a lot of children,” said Pietro in an interview with Amira, “and if we were still together we would already have three children.” There seems to be a little melancholy here. But Pietro looks confidently into the future. Perhaps the perfect family happiness will soon be waiting for him too.

Source used: Podcast “Pietro & Friends”



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