Sunday, November 28

‘Peng’ Changwon villa gas explosion burns man in his 70s

▲ Gas explosion accident site in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do

Yesterday (5th) at around 7:20 pm at a villa in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, an explosion occurred and a man in his 70s suffered burns all over his body and was taken to the hospital.

The Changwon Fire Department said that a 79-year-old man, Park, who lives alone on the first floor of a villa in Jinhae-gu, suffered second or third degree burns and was taken to a burn hospital.

At the time of transport to the hospital, Mr. Park was able to communicate, so the fire department is seeing that it is not life-threatening.

In addition to Mr. Park, five other neighbors are receiving treatment at the hospital because of severe anxiety.

It seems that the aftermath of the explosion was so great that all the surrounding windows of the building were broken and even the iron window frames were deformed.

The fire department, who secured the statement that “a ‘pop’ was heard,” presumed that the LPG gas cylinder had exploded, and is investigating the exact cause of the fire.

Traces of some fires were found at the site, but it is said that it was not necessary to extinguish the fire when a fire engine was dispatched.

(Photo = provided by Changwon Fire Department)

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