october 6 bad news


◆ Left Kyung-ryong (emeritus professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) passed away: Shin Kyung-sook’s husband, Sujin Hyo-jeong’s father, Hwang Ung-jae’s father-in-law = 5:50 p.m. Daejeon Eulji University Hospital. 6:00 am on the 7th day of the funeral. (042)259-1088. ◆ Mr. Okgung-ja passed away: Jong-seok Yoon (CEO of About People), the mother of Jong-deuk (Director of Lotte Mart development team), and Man-heung Lee (head of the political affairs team at the ) mother-in-law = 0:20 am on the 5th at the Busan Citizens Funeral Hall. foot


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