Madonna’s bra for the party: Jean Paul Gaultier’s clothes can be rented


Welcome to the cold season! Not so wild, after all, there is from the company Goldwin from Japan (known for high-tech outdoor clothing in a simple design) now in cooperation with Icebreaker (sustainably produced merino clothing from New Zealand) a joint collection, but in a limited edition. Jacket, pants, coat, scarf – the main thing is gender-neutral in color and shape, that’s the request of the two companies. All parts are made of 100 percent merino fibers, which have an odor-inhibiting and breathable effect, but have their price (for example longsleeve 279.95 euros, available online or in the Goldwin flagship store in Munich,

To have and be: give us the balls: jewelry from the German shoe label Aeyde.

Give us the balls: jewelry from the German shoe label Aeyde.

(Photo: manufacturer)

Most fashion brands rely on the complete range and want to clothe customers from head to toe. The label founded in Berlin Aeyde has so far preferred to limit himself to the head and Foot: After the two former Zalando employees Luisa Krogmann and Constantin Langholz-Baikousis started very successfully with shoes in 2015, which they mainly offered on their own website and therefore cheaper than in stores, they started a tiny jewelry collection a good two years ago . Because it is now also selling so well, it is constantly being expanded. The new models have just appeared: classic and sometimes not so classic creoles in different sizes and strengths, but also real eye-catchers like the Alice model (in the picture): shiny balls to pin in gold and silver. Sometimes the shape of the earrings is even influenced by Aeyde’s shoes. The seam of the Leandra boots can be found as a small kink in the Alaya creoles. The pieces of jewelry are made in Italy on the basis of upcycled brass with 18-carat gold or silver alloy (from 135 euros,

Haute-Couture-Show in Paris - Jean Paul Gaultier

In January 2020, the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier will be saying goodbye after his last haute couture show in Paris.

(Photo: Francois Mori / dpa)

Demand creates supply, and you can actually try what others earn good money with: Because the stubborn 90s revival means that clothing from jean paul Gaultier is extremely popular again, the brand is now the first luxury house to set up its own rental service on its website. 30,000 items can now be borrowed from the archive, including such iconic items as the “Cone-Bra” that Madonna wore on her Blonde Ambition Tour. Prices start at 150 euros for scarves and 700 euros for an evening dress. In addition, selected vintage parts can now also be bought directly from JPG. The designer himself has only been involved in couture since 2019, and the new management of Maison Gaultier is obviously trying with many means to bring the brand (and sales) back forward. Other houses are likely to follow the example and also lend or sell vintage themselves. Gucci sells clothes and accessories that have already been curated and refurbished via its “Vault” site, Valentino is currently collecting well-preserved collectibles in cooperation with selected second-hand stores and plans to celebrate a major “Vintage Manifesto” in January.

To have and be: Here everyone becomes a couch potato: armchair by Poltrona Frau wrapped in soft wool by Loro Piana.

Here everyone becomes a couch potato: armchairs by Poltrona Frau wrapped in soft wool by Loro Piana.

(Photo: manufacturer)

When two companies team up, things don’t always get better. The two Italian brands show that this is possible Poltrona Frau and Loro Pianathat combine the good of design and fashion. For the collection “Poltrona Frau wears Loro Piana Interiors” there are two joint collections based on the motto: Particularly cozy fabric covers good-looking armchairs. Loro Piana is the sixth generation of high-quality sweaters and coats made of cashmere and fine wool; Poltrona Frau, on the other hand, is one of the most historic Italian furniture labels. The result is armchairs and footstools covered with merino wool or cashmere in different colors, with matching cushions and plaids (cushions from 400 euros,

To have and be: In 1937, Gabrielle Chanel settled in her suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris for an advertising campaign for the Chanel fragrance "Harper's Bazaar" taking photos.

In 1937, Gabrielle Chanel had herself photographed in her suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris for an advertising campaign for the Chanel fragrance in “Harper’s Bazaar”.

(Foto: Ministry of Culture – Architecture and heritage library, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / François Kollar)

Distinction has become a difficult business in democratized fashion. But when it comes to fragrances, it’s easier to stand out because niche labels are still thriving. Sometimes the inconspicuous flacons of a manufactory from Brooklyn are in demand, sometimes it is a rediscovered traditional company from Paris. In any case, it’s been a long time since a perfume hit the headlines because everyone knows it – just like Chanel No 5. The fragrance, launched by Coco Chanel in 1921 and a bestseller to this day, is something like the quintessence of a luxury perfume: a small, precious bottle for a very big appearance. For the 100th birthday, the Prestel publishing house has now released an opulent homage in two volumes with “Chanel N ° 5”. 426 pages, 350 illustrations, elegant slipcase with gold foil, the work of the French author Pauline Dreyfus makes it clear through the design that the story of a national shrine is being told here. A bottle with the magic number is supposed to be sold every thirty seconds, and of course the Marilyn Monroe quote is just as legendary – she wears nothing but the number five on her body at night. After that, sales continued to skyrocket, but even when it was launched, the creation of the Russian court perfumer Ernest Beaux was enthusiastically received – it was one of the first fragrances to be based on the action of synthetic aldehydes, which the flavors of jasmine or rose in a previously unknown way reinforced. An intensity that apparently does not flatten even after a hundred years (“Chanel N ° 5” by Pauline Dreyfus, 150 euros,

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