Monday, November 29

Ice skate team leaves Poland to participate in the World Cup… Olympic Quarter Hunt

The journey of the speed skating team for the Beijing Winter Olympics has begun.

The national team left for Poland, where the first World Cup was held today (the 5th) through Incheon International Airport.

The national team will go through a decisive battle from the 13th to the 15th after undergoing local adaptation training.

The main players in the Korean ice rink will be in full force in this event.

The men’s mass start gold medalist Lee Seung-hoon at the Pyeongchang Olympics, the men’s 500m silver medalist Cha Min-gyu, the 15.00m bronze medalist Kim Min-seok, the men’s 1,000-meter bronze medalist Kim Tae-yun, and the women’s mass start silver medalist Bo-reum Kim will compete with world-class athletes. .

This World Cup tournament is expected to be fiercely competitive as tickets to the Olympics are at stake.

For the Beijing Olympics, qualification for each event is based on the results of the 1st to 4th World Cup competitions.

After the first tournament, the national team moves to Norway, where the second tournament will be held.

The 3rd Congress will be held in Salt Lake City, USA from December 4-6, and the 4th Congress will be held in Calgary, Canada from December 11-13.

Meanwhile, the speed skating team will be hosting the World Cup and Olympics this season as a full-time coach without a coach.

With coach Hyeong-ho Kim and coach Jeong-eun Park leading the national team, the Federation recently appointed international referee Kim Kwan-gyu as advisor for the national team.

(Photo = provided by Korea Skating Federation, Yonhap News)

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