I thought it was a local thing… Received ‘representative certification’


Carrot Market, an online second-hand trading site, is popular because it allows you to buy and sell items with your neighbors. There are people who take advantage of this point to steal money with fake sales posts. There are also scams by having the person in charge of only verifying the neighborhood.

This is G1 Broadcasting reporter Sujin Yoon.

I was wondering what kind of cake this is.

I heard that the farmhouse costing 10 million won was sold for 2 million won, so I said, ‘It’s too cheap.’

Along the way, the seller disappeared.

[A 씨/당근마켓 사기 피해자 : 워낙에 여러 명이 채팅으로 말 거는 게 보이니까… 경찰에 신고했다 하니까 반대로 웃고 있습니다. 킬킬거리면서 ‘잡아가라’.]

When I checked, the victims were not just one or two, and there were many in different regions and across the country.

Looking at the farmhouse photo information posted in the sales article, the filming location was Daegu.

Although it is a system that can only be transacted in the region by authenticating the town in which you live, there were people who paid money from scammers and only provided local authentication for you.

[B 씨/당근마켓 사기 피해자 : (물건 촬영 장소가) 대구 근처예요, 대구 근처. 범인이 한 명이 아니라 사진을 찍는 사람 따로 있고, 올리는 사람 따로 있고, 지게차랑 컨테이너랑….]

When I checked the criminal history of the account, only 144 reports were received in 3 months.

Anyone can easily sign up with a single phone number, so even if the account is suspended, that is the only time.

According to the current law, second-hand transaction fraud is not included in cyber financial crimes such as voice phishing, so it is not easy to quickly suspend account payments.

Amendments to account suspension and damage relief are pending in the National Assembly for such non-face-to-face scams, but it is best to carefully examine them to avoid being scammed.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-soo G1 Broadcasting)


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