“I met a demon”


Lisha und Lou
“I met a demon”

Lisha and Lou have been a couple for over ten years.

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Ghosts and demons are part of everyday life for the YouTube couple Lisha and Lou. In the interview they talk about their paranormal experiences.

A life with ghosts, demons and the supernatural? Perhaps unimaginable for many people, for the YouTube couple Lisha and Lou, authors of “Total Paranormal!” (Eden Books), but normal everyday life. In a double interview with the news agency spot on news, the former “summer house of the stars” candidates talked about their worst encounter with a demon, about their experiences with séances and ouija boards and about how they deal with people who share their beliefs not sharing the supernatural.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​writing a book on this particular subject?

Lisha and Lou: What only our very first followers know is that we started with paranormal content and uploaded videos to YouTube about it. We’re getting off the rails and, as always, we didn’t want to swim with, but against the current. So the first thing was not a biography, but a book about our experiences with the afterlife.

When did you get interested in supernatural things?

Lisha: I never “got” interested in this topic. I was practically born in the cradle. I’ve had paranormal experiences since I was a child. Among other things, my grandmother also had points of contact with it.

What was the worst paranormal experience you ever had?

Lisha: The worst paranormal encounter so far actually happened to us on Mallorca and also in the book “Total Paranormal!” to read. I met a demon who has been visiting me in dreams for years. But this time it wasn’t a dream. I was down in our kitchen at night when I saw a shadow. The being came up to me. It was the disgusting, pale, white face with the tousled, black hair that had visited me once in my dreams and pretended to be Lou – the being that had caressed my hair so disgustingly. Panic!

In your book you also write about ouija boards and seances. Why do you consciously seek contact with ghosts and co. Despite your bad experiences?

Lisha: I wouldn’t call it “bad experiences”. We are still alive and psychologically stable. Nevertheless, you have to be very careful with this topic and not take it lightly. If you have had paranormal experiences, then you want to be able to classify it for yourself and find out what is behind it. Everyone is always fascinated by what cannot be explained rationally.

Do you have any tips for beginners with ouija boards and séances?

Lisha and Lou: Yeah, hands off! It is not a game and beginners should definitely not use it.

Many people often associate something negative with the topic. Have you also had positive experiences with ghosts, demons and the like?

Lisha and Lou: We only had positive experiences at the séances with the Ouija board. Those who take it seriously and treat beings with respect have nothing to fear. But when you sit at the board, laugh about it and crack jokes, you irritate the creatures just as much as you would annoy a person with ridicule.

How do you deal with people who do not share your belief in the psychic?

Lisha: We’re used to that. I often have to hear that I belong in the slap. Everything that is inexplicable is often ridiculed or is associated with far too much fear or skepticism. But these allegations can never invalidate the paranormal things I’ve experienced for years. Lou was also skeptical at first until he had his own experiences. Some say: “Find a psychologist”. Others say: “It is a sin to speak to spirits”. Still others are very curious and open to the paranormal. We respect every attitude towards this topic and are by no means in conviction mode.

Do you believe in aliens?

Lisha and Lou: Definitely! We have never had any experience with one, but the universe is so infinitely large, why should we only live here? But even we have a huge respect for them.



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