“I grew up at GZSZ”


She became known through “GZSZ” – how Janina Uhse looks back on this time and whether she can imagine a comeback, she reveals here.

Janina Uhse (32) can “currently not” imagine making a comeback in “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”. The actress, who has just published her new cookbook with “I Love Veggie”, currently enjoys “being self-determined and, in addition to great film projects, also promoting my own dreams and goals”, as she reveals in an interview with spot on news.

After “Meine Glücklichküche” you have now published your second cookbook “I Love Veggie” with your favorite vegetarian recipes. Which ingredients and spices do you personally prefer to cook with?

Janina Uhse: Oh, yes, after more than a year of work it’s finally here. “I Love Veggie”. What a journey. For the recipes, I am often inspired by the seasonal offer. The ingredients usually taste more intense and are also richer in vitamins, as they do not have to be stored for long. On the other hand, what has almost always ended up in my dishes for some time, if it fits, is lemon zest. This gives the dishes a special, fresh note. A spoonful of salty vegetables is also always a good idea. It’s super easy to do yourself at home: add 20 grams of salt to 150g of vegetables and herbs of your choice and mix everything into a paste. This gives every hearty recipe more depth and lasts for months in the refrigerator.

Who serves you as a test eater?

Uhse: My “Janina and Food” team and my guests, of course. I love being a host and I like to try new things – or spices and inspirations that I have brought back from trips. But especially from my team, I get useful feedback that helps me improve recipes and ideas. You can’t be so sure about guests.

What changes have you noticed since you have largely given up meat?

Uhse: On the one hand, I feel good because I know that I am doing my part to live more environmentally consciously. Another positive aspect is that the preparation of vegetarian food is often much faster.

Which rumor about vegetarian cuisine can you no longer hear?

Uhse: “I need protein and I can only get that from meat.” It is a misconception that a vegetarian diet cannot provide this balance. Legumes such as chickpeas or nuts in particular are wonderful sources of protein.

What film and TV projects are you currently planning?

Uhse: I am currently in the middle of press work for the movie “The Last Name”, which will be released on January 20th. It is already the second project that I was able to realize with Sönke Wortmann. After “The First Name” we are all looking forward to the continuation with the well-known cast.

How did the Corona crisis affect your professional activities?

Uhse: Very few projects were implemented last year. Many films have been postponed, which was a huge challenge for the entire industry because it naturally entails a rat tail. Coordinating not only the shooting, but also the press work and the subsequent theatrical releases is an act of strength. If you stall a large machine, it takes time for everything to run smoothly again. Fortunately, this year you notice how everything slowly gets going again and can be diligently turned again with the necessary measures. I’m really happy about that. As far as cooking is concerned, I was able to get very creative during the Corona crisis and I was able to develop personally and let my community participate. During this time my new cookbook was created. Who knows how quickly “I Love Veggie” would have been finished if I hadn’t been able to find the “gained” time for it.

What professional dream or goal would you like to realize in the years to come?

Uhse: I would like to develop myself continuously and always enjoy working on my projects. That is my ultimate goal. I really want to expand the “Janina and Food” cosmos in the form of my own products that make your time in the kitchen more beautiful. Let’s see where the journey is going …

“Good times, bad times” made you known to a large audience. How do you look back on your time on the show today?

Uhse: That was a time when I grew up. I started shooting in the Babelsberg studios when I was 18 and learned an incredible amount and had a really great time that I wouldn’t want to miss.

The series will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Can you imagine a comeback?

Uhse: Not at the moment. I enjoy being self-determined and, in addition to great film projects, promoting my own dreams and goals. To take sides for your own projects, to be responsible and, if in doubt, to be wrong, is an insane development process that I grow with. Self-determination is my personal big adventure.

You just celebrated your 32nd birthday. What was the greatest gift that life has ever offered you? Do you regret something in your life?

Uhse: It might sound like a cliché, but health! It has given me a great ease and lightheartedness in my life and has enabled me to go on all the great trips that I have made. Maybe I regret not buying bitcoins five years ago. No, bullshit. I have no regrets, all the things that happened in the past and that I have chosen make me who I am today.

Where do you see yourself professionally and privately in five years?

Uhse: Independently pursuing projects that make me happy. In all respects



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