Hwaseong adoptive child abuse and murder charges sentenced to life imprisonment… “I will atone for the rest of my life”


A decision trial was held today (the 5th) at the Suwon District Court for the 36-year-old adoptive father A, who killed a two-year-old adopted child by beating him.

Prosecutors demanded 10 years for A, a life sentence, an order to complete the crime prevention of child abuse and an order to restrict employment.

Regarding Mr. A, the prosecution said, “I mercilessly hit him several times with a hand larger than the child’s face, avoiding the face and head that are directly connected to the brain.” The unwritten criminality of the murder is fully acknowledged because of the fact that he was brought to the police station.”

In his final statement, Mr. A said, “I’m sorry for the child who ended his life because of his wrongdoing. I will make atonement for the rest of my life.”

The sentencing date is the 25th.

From April to May, Mr. A was indicted on charges of hitting an adopted child who was then 33 months old at his residence in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do several times with a wooden scraper, shoehorn, and hand, etc., for being stubborn and stubborn.

(Photo = Yonhap News)


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