How to check that Black Friday discounts are real and not fake?


03:02 PM

Friday 05 November 2021

Written by – Hind Khalifa

The annual Black Friday season, which begins today until the end of this month, represents an opportunity to take advantage of the great offers and discounts offered by various stores, so many people rush to buy and shop, and some of them fall into the trap of fraud by obtaining fake offers.

And in preparation for dealing with these kinds of scammers or merchants, we offer a set of tips for you to check if Black Friday sales are fake or real, according to Trusted Reviews.

– Check product price across multiple websites

This is the basic check you can do, and the site noted that by research it found that 13% of Black Friday shoppers didn’t do this in 2017, and they found that more than one store sells a product at a similar price, but only one claims that the price is a special offer. Or the offer is much cheaper.

For example, if four stores sell the same washing machine for 10,000 pounds, but only one shop claims to be a special offer, and it’s 9,000 pounds, it’s not normal so it’s better to resist the temptation.

-Check price history

Make a short list of the products you want to look for in Black Friday sales, then search for them on Amazon for example, to see their price history. This will let you know if the Black Friday prices are really worth the excitement or a lie.

-Be careful of the prices

Merchants call out prices they say are much cheaper, as a way to influence customers, don’t let those prices mislead you, they can be quite misleading.

The site pointed out that retailers use old recommended retail prices, so they reflect the value of the item when it was first released, not its current value.

Stores display each price reduction as if it were a promotion, so even a small price drop of 1 pound will be marked as a discount. Instead of automatically trusting fixed prices, it’s best to check other stores’ prices to try to figure out the true value of the item you’re buying.

-Look for notes or tags explaining the offers

Sometimes price notes are masked, in an effort to show better offers, and alternative labels say the product was at a higher price, so before you buy a product, check the manufacturer’s website to see if you’re getting a decent discount.

A reliable source of impartial information

It is very important that people find a reliable source of impartial information on pricing, before they decide to buy, doing so can save hundreds of pounds.

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