Go to the fire station and say, “I’m going to set a fire”… Spit at the police officer and ‘riot’


Last night (the 4th), a man in his 50s went to the fire station with an oil barrel and made a riot, saying he was going to set a fire.

I also kicked the police who were dispatched, but reporter Ha Jung-yeon covered it.

At around 10 o’clock last night, a report was received by the police that a man was carrying an oil can and making a fuss.

It’s about threatening to set a fire with gasoline, but the place where the commotion broke out was none other than the fire station.

[소방서 직원 : 그 사람이 그걸 들고 와서 ‘소방서에 불 질러버린다’, 이런 식으로 해서 바로 그냥 신고를 해서 (경찰이) 데리고간….]

This is the field response team’s office on the first floor of the fire station.

The man had a riot here for about 10 minutes.

He threatened to set fire to firefighters on the night shift, shouting and swearing.

When the police arrived, they immediately confiscated the gasoline cans, but no lighters were found.

The man, who had been wearing an electronic anklet for other crimes, also threw off his underwear during a body search.

During the arrest, it was confirmed that he spit at the police while inside the patrol car and kicked the car.

The man was arrested on charges of kicking an ambulance at the fire station the day before, and it was investigated that he came to the fire station with resentment and committed the crime.

The police applied for an arrest warrant today for the man in his 50s.

(Video coverage: Chan-soo Lee, video editing: So Ji-hye)


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