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Eternals: The best memes of the premiere of the film; Harry Styles conquers fans

Eternals“At last it reached the Mexican cinemas and, despite the fact that the critics of the experts are in red for the film of Marvel, fans have not missed the opportunity to enjoy the production starring Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden, among others.

After the euphoria, Internet users have taken the opportunity to share their reactions and opinions of “Eternals” on social networks. One of the most outstanding scenes is the appearance of the singer Harry Styles; They also talk about the first big screen superhero who is openly gay and Marvel’s deaf superhero.

Angelina being part of the UCM is one of the best things that happened to us this year”Wrote one user. Yet another added that: “Hey Harry Styles is now officially part of Marvel Studios Eternals and adding to that all his achievements as an artist I just say that HE ALREADY WON IN LIFE”.

In “Eternals” Marvel and Disney were looking for a different approach to introduce the new group of superheroes, the “Eternals”, who will thus open phase 4 of the universe. And Zhao conquered the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, with a different presentation: a poem by William Blake.

“I was offered to work on this film, and when I read the script I loved the idea even more. At first I was very nervous, I didn’t know if Kevin (Feige) would select me, “confessed Chloe.

With this film Marvel can boast of having an Oscar winner for the first time, and that is because Zhao has not only brought diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) —the film has a cast from different cultures, includes an LGTBI + plot and has a deaf co-star– but also your personal stamp.

To know

  • Classification: “Eternals”, a Walt Disney Co. premiere, has a PG-13 rating (which warns parents that it may be inappropriate for children under 13 years of age) from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for scenes of “fantasy violence and action, some dialogue and brief sexual scenes.”
  • Duration: 157 minutes.



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