Elena Miras: daughter Aylen calls her friend Leandro “papa”


Elena Miras
For daughter Aylen her boyfriend is already the “papa”

Elena Miras with daughter Aylen

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Elena Miras talks about her daughter’s relationship with friend Leandro +++ Nathalie Volk shows herself unvarnished on Instagram +++ Fiona Erdmann’s father is looking for great love.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

5. November 2021

Elena Miras: That is how close your daughter’s relationship is to her boyfriend Leandor

It couldn’t be better for Elena Miras, 29. The “Celebrities under Palms” candidate has been with the Swiss rapper Leandro Teixeira, 29, for around nine months – and the musician seems to get along wonderfully with her daughter Aylen. In a question-and-answer session on Instagram, she now reveals how much the little girl from the relationship with reality TV star Mike Heiter, 29, is now attached to the 29-year-old. She allegedly even called Leandro “Papa”.

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“She already said it, yes,” Elena revealed when asked by a fan. “It was so cute when she did it.” However, she did not encourage her child to do so, as she emphatically stated: “That is her business, I never tell her anything about it”. Aylen had apparently rarely had contact with her biological father Mike in the past few months, as her mom once reported to her community on Instagram. Elena and Mike have been separated for over a year. While the Swiss woman lives in her home country, after spending time together in Zurich, the 29-year-old has re-established the center of his life in Germany.

4. November 2021

Nathalie Volk shows herself without make-up

With heartache, Nathalie Volk, 24, reported from a New York hospital after separating from her fiancé Timur Akbulut, 43. Shortly thereafter, she danced exuberantly at a Harry Styles concert, later Frank Otto’s ex, 64, ended up on the karaoke stage. Nathalie Volk, who calls herself MirandaDiGrande, seems to be doing better again. “Get stronger every day,” she recently wrote on a selfie.

Not only physically, but also optically, the former “Germany’s Next Topmodel” candidate seems to find herself again, because in her Instagram story the 24-year-old now appears completely natural. Nathalie smiles at the camera, completely without make-up, in a hat and bomber jacket. She also writes “Winter is coming”. We haven’t seen the model like this for a long time!

Elena Miras: For daughter Aylen, her boyfriend is already that "Papa"

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3. November 2021

Fiona Erdmann: Papa Gerd wants to find his dream woman on TV

After it didn’t work out with Claudia Obert, 60, on the Sat.1 show “Claudias House Of Love” and the Vox dome show “First Dates”, Fiona Erdmanns, 33, father Gerd Erdmann, 72, tries his luck now on the RTLZWEI dating show “Let’s Love”, hosted by Jana Ina Zarrella, 44. His goal: to finally find his dream woman. And the 72-year-old has precise ideas.

Gerd gets support in his third TV dating attempt from his celebrity daughter. “I didn’t ring it up, unless I told my daughter, who thought it was good and said: ‘Do it, it can’t be wrong'”, reveals the restaurateur and sculptor in an interview with “Bild” . But he would prefer to have a very specific woman by his side: “I would like to date Iris Berben because she is an actress who has played roles in which she was really authentic for decades.”

Iris Berben

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1. November 2021

Laura Müller somehow looks different on her face

Well, what happened to Laura Müller? The influencer has resumed her activities on Instagram, diligently promoting products from various brands and sharing make-up tips. Now the former “Let’s Dance” candidate is her community in the social media for an impression of their makeup routine. The fans may have been a little irritated at this sight. You had to look twice to really recognize Laura Müller.

The nose looks pointed. The lips look fuller, the forehead appears tighter, contours are barely recognizable on the face. One can only hope that only the extreme make-up or an unfavorable filter are responsible for the greatly changed appearance of the 21-year-olds.

Elena Miras: For daughter Aylen, her boyfriend is already that "Papa"

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Elena Miras recalls her “summer house” participation

With ex-boyfriend Mike Heiter, 29, Elena Miras, 29, won the “Summer House of the Stars” in 2019 and received a bonus of 50,000 euros. The relationship of the former “Love Island” participants failed, the ex-couple fought a war of roses in public. And the mother of a daughter has no good memories of participating in the “summer house” either.

In a question-and-answer session on Instagram, the reality TV actress now settled with the “summer house”. When a fan asked if she could imagine moving into the TV flat again in the future, she had a bitter answer. “I would never go into this hell format again,” she makes a clear decision.

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