Duchess Meghan expands political career: invitation to Washington!


Herzogin Meghan
Their political ambitions are taking on larger dimensions

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Duchess Meghan’s political commitment does not go unnoticed in the USA. The growing commitment of the Duchess of Sussex has now given her an invitation to Washington – although not all politicians are enthusiastic about it.

Duchess Meghan, 40, has received an invitation to a bipartisan dinner in Washington. This news has now become known. Prince Harry’s wife, 37, was invited by Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Meghan has been campaigning for legally guaranteed, paid family vacations for parents in the United States for several weeks. Now the former actress is supposed to discuss her views at a table with 21 senators.

Duchess Meghan’s open letter seems to have got the ball rolling

The invitation to the US capital comes just two weeks after the Duchess of Sussex drafted a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in which she pointed out the need for paid parental leave. In addition to the spokeswoman, the open letter also reached a large number of media.

In addition, Meghan is said to have contacted several senators to support their concerns, as reported by the “Daily Mail”. Then Kirsten Gillibrand decided to offer the Duchess a larger platform. At the joint meal, the 40-year-old should have the chance to talk to all senators about parental allowance, as Gillibrand told “The19”. “I could hear how sincere she is committed to the cause,” said the New York Senator, explaining her invitation. However, not everyone should be so impressed by Meghan’s commitment.

US MP Jason Smith calls for the revocation of Meghan’s royal title

As the US MP Jason Smith makes it clear to the “Daily Mail”, he sees in Prince Harry’s wife a person who abuses his title to make himself heard. “The recent interference by Ms. Markle in US politics raises the question again why the royal family doesn’t just officially withdraw the titles from her and Harry,” said Smith.

Herzogin Meghan

His comment on the Duchess title came after Meghan allegedly contacted two Republican Senators by phone and solicited their commitment – the 40-year-old is said to have clearly pointed out her title. Meghan also received harsh criticism from Republican MP Lisa McClain. “The last thing we need now is rich celebrities imposing their liberal agenda on the American people,” she said. However, Duchess Meghan will not let such criticism deter her from her plan. The invitation to Washington is an important step that will certainly have fueled their political ambitions.

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