Current status of ‘World’s Fattest Man’ who weighed 508 kg


Today (the 5th) is the time to find out the interests and honest reactions of the day through SNS.

The recent status of a man who weighed more than 500 kg and was called ‘the fattest man in the world’ was released.

The first search term is ‘the fattest man’.

Born in 1960 in England, Paul Mason began binge eating in his twenties after feeling insecure about being abused as a child.

He weighed up to 508 kg, and it is said that in those days, he could eat 40 chocolate bars and 100 bags of sweets a day.

Then, feeling a health crisis, he underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and decided to start a new life.

He lost 295 kg of weight, and as a result of removing 46 stones, he became 140 kg.

But unfortunately, after breaking up with his girlfriend in 2019, the symptoms of food poisoning reappeared, and he gained weight again, and now he has reached 250 kg. You will get your health back.”

Netizens said, “I’m glad you didn’t lose hope. I’ll cheer you on from afar.” “You’ve been at war with the flesh for the rest of your life. Please be healthy…”

​ (Screen source: The Sun Mirror)

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