Amal Clooney + Kids: From luxury quarantine to luxury vacation


Amal Clooney + Kids
From the luxury quarantine to the luxury vacation – and dad has to work

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Amal Clooney and the twins Ella and Alexander don’t have to be told twice: While Papa George has to be in front of the camera for his new film, they are having a good time on the set on Hamilton Island.

Before the Clooney family could fly to the luxury island, they had to sit in a 14-day quarantine. But that shouldn’t have been a big problem for Amal, 43, and George, 60, Clooney, after all, the couple with twins Ella and Alexander, both four, stayed in a 9 million dollar palace in the Australian state of New during this time South wales. This is reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

George + Amal Clooney: How to sweeten the quarantine

An absolute exception. Because while Amal and the children can relax on Hamilton Island in Queensland, Papa George is here to shoot his new film “Ticket to Paradise”. And while all other crew members in Australia had to go to the usual quarantine hotels, one of the most exclusive residences in Australia was booked for the Clooney family: the Mount Robertson Farm.

Amal and George Clooney

Mount Robertson Farm in the hills of the Southern Highlands in rural New South Wales is a Hollywood retreat with expansive views, rainforest-themed restaurants, a theater and a pool room. The property is located in a remote part of the city and, with its extensive grounds and manicured gardens, is something of an Australian fortress: armed security guards patrolled the outside area, while cooks inside, waiters inside, housekeepers inside and watchdogs inside available around the clock.

Onward journey by private jet

The palatial property, which once belonged to the millionaire real estate developer John Boyd and his 40 years younger wife Marly, can – if it is not rented out – be booked for weddings and business events and has even been used as a backdrop for various films. So it’s no wonder that George Clooney chose this place during his quarantine period.

After serving the 14 days, George and Amal flew on to Hamilton Island with numerous members of their retinue in a private jet. Among other things, Julia Roberts, 54, was waiting here, playing his divorced wife in Clooney’s new movie.

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