Sunday, November 28

A merciless ‘water cannon’ for over 30 seconds… What’s happening in the middle of Seoul?

Employees of a service company that were demolishing a building were arrested by the police after they fired a ‘water cannon’ at a person.

It happened in the middle of Seoul, and reporter Shin Jeong-eun covered how this happened.

This building, which was used as a space for small-scale performances and artists’ work, has recently been in ruins like this.

The service workers who were sent in to destroy the building chase the woman who tried to stop it.

[용역업체 관계자 : 잡아. 잡으라고 빨리.]

It even shoots a strong stream of water towards your face.

A man can’t stand the ruthless water baptism that lasted more than 30 seconds and stumbles.

Drying it around is useless.

[용역업체 관계자 : 아, 다 젖었네. XX.]

The woman who tried to prevent the demolition is Ahn, who has been running a complex cultural space here for two years.

Mr. Ahn signed a lease contract with Mr. Choi, who acted on behalf of the owner of the building, and Mr. Choi said that he had obtained permission from the building owner and started to demolish the facility.

The reason the two sides have reached an extreme confrontation is because they understand the contract in the opposite way.

Ahn said that the contract is still valid and that the demolition during business is unfair.

[안 씨 : 계약은 계속 연장했고 그건 운영권이고. 철거를 하면 안 되고 영업 중이라는 걸 서류를 다 만들어서 보내줬어요.]

However, Choi claims that there is no problem after notifying the termination of the contract and obtaining permission from the ward office to dismantle it.

[최 씨 : (안 씨에게) 운영 계약 해지 통보를 다 내고 건물주한테 임대료도 더 낼 수가 없어서 철거 결정을 하고.]

Regarding the ‘water cannon video’, during the demolition, water was sprayed to prevent dust from flying, but Mr. Ahn appeared and explained that he was hit.

The police arrested two officials from a service company who fired a water cannon during the demolition process on charges of special assault, and are investigating the exact contractual relationship between the two.

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