Sunday, November 28

A hospital full of corpses… Europe warns of ‘corona pandemic’ again

In Europe, where Corona-related regulations were greatly eased a few months ago, the number of patients is skyrocketing again. The World Health Organization has warned that Europe has become a center of the coronavirus pandemic and that the death toll could rise significantly.

Reporter Kim Young-ah reports.

Bodies wrapped in black plastic fill the room and line the hallways.

The mortuary of one of the largest hospitals in Romania is filled with people who have died from coronavirus.

In Romania, where only 37% of adults are vaccinated, the number of confirmed cases has recently skyrocketed, resulting in a death rate of one every five minutes.

[헤더 파포위츠/WHO 응급관리전문가 : 방금 병원을 보고 왔습니다. 코로나 환자로 병실과 응급실이 가득한 걸 봤습니다. 사망자 수는 사상 최고에 달했습니다.]

In Europe, the highest number of new confirmed cases since the Corona 19 incident was pouring in places such as Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Germany in just one day yesterday.

The UK has more than 50,000 confirmed cases on the 18th of last month, and there are still around 40,000 new cases every day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that Europe has again become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

[한스 클루즈/WHO 유럽사무소 소장 : 유럽이 다시 팬데믹의 진앙이 됐습니다. 지난 4주 동안 유럽의 신규 확진자는 55% 이상 폭증했습니다.]

With Corona, the restrictions are rapidly being lifted, but the vaccination rate has remained at the same place, so the number of infections is increasing.

The average immunization rate in Europe is still less than 50%.

Under these circumstances, WHO predicts that an additional 500,000 people could die in Europe alone before February next year.

(Video editing: Yonghwa Jung)

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