Monday, November 29

[영상] “Sajaegi for fear of war”… China at war at the supermarket

Chinese citizens’ anxiety about war is leading to the phenomenon of ‘sajaegi’.

Recently, China’s Ministry of Commerce issued a recommendation to “stock up daily necessities at home as needed, as we will begin work to secure a stable price in the daily necessities market.”

Chinese citizens are beginning to react sensitively. This is because, as the conflict with Taiwan is escalating day by day, when the government issued a recommendation to ‘stock up daily necessities’, fears that war might break out have risen.

Chinese citizens have also been shaken by false information, such as that they have been given a ‘war bag’ or a ‘reserve call letter’.

In addition, some Chinese citizens showed radical behavior, such as recklessly pushing people and making fists to buy food at supermarkets.

In response, the Chinese government is making an effort to dispel misunderstandings by citizens, such as releasing statistics on food stockpiles in an unusual way, and state-run media also reporting about it.

Recently, anxiety has spread to Beijing, the capital of China, and it is reported that a hoarding phenomenon is occurring in Beijing.

(Composition: Park Yoon-ju, Editing: Park Seung-yeon)

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