Pro volleyball OK Financial Group wins first victory over Woori Card with Leo


▲ OK Financial Group Leo (right)

OK Financial Group, a victim of a catastrophe in the opening match of professional volleyball, defeated Woori Card and reported its first win of the season.

OK Financial Group won 3-2 after a full set match against Woori Card in the V-League Men’s Division held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do on the 21st.

OK Financial Group, which lost 3-1 to Hyundai Capital, which played without foreign players on the 17th, won the match without losing concentration in every game.

Woori Card also knelt in the match after losing 3-1 with a set score to Korean Air, which lacked the main gun Jeong Ji-seok on the 16th.

OK Financial Group had a difficult start with ace Leo shaking in the first set.

Leo’s attacks were blocked every time because he insisted on a monotonous attack pattern.

Leo scored 10 points in the first set, but his success rate was only 47.06%.

OK Financial Group, who gave up the first set, scored a set score 1 to 1 by Leo scoring a touchout like a gold medal after a close deuce match in the second set.

OK Financial Group collapsed in the 3rd set deuce match, unable to block the attack of Woori Card’s left, Na Kyung-bok and Right Alex.

Points were dedicated to Na Kyung-bok on the left in 24 to 24 and Alex in 25 to 25, and then Leo made an offense and conceded three sets.

OK Financial Group, pushed to the edge of the brink, changed the mood by leading the attack, with Cho Jae-sung scoring the team’s most points of 6 points in the 4th set.

OK Financial Group took the match with 5 sets, and laughed after overcoming the final hurdle.

OK Financial Group took a one-point lead with Leo’s calm spike in 13-13, and the game ended as it was when Alex scored the ball in the net in the last attack.

Leo scored 38 points, the most for both teams, including three servings.

Cha Ji-hwan also took the lead by scoring 16 points with an attack success rate of 63.15%.

In the women’s match held at the Hwaseong Sports Complex, Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is considered a ‘weak’, caused a stir by beating the dark horse IBK Industrial Bank of Korea.

Heungkuk Life won the set score 3 to 1 with Catbell, a foreign player.

Catbell bombed the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea regardless of front and rear, scoring the highest score of 40 points for both teams.

The attack options that emerged from the match also shone.

Heungkuk Life scored a decisive goal by utilizing domestic players while the opposing players concentrated on the catbell defense.

Heungkuk Life was chased by one point by allowing consecutive goals in 24 to 21 in 3 sets, which was a match, but Mi-yeon Kim succeeded in a stable quick-open attack and completely brought the flow.

Kim Mi-yeon scored the most 12 points among domestic players of both teams.

The IBK Industrial Bank of Korea was very painful for the foreign player, Rasem, to record 10 offenses.

(Photo = provided by Korea Volleyball Federation, Yonhap News)

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